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When a nonprofit operates across borders, whether by making grants or directly operating programs, the interaction of legal requirements of two or more countries quickly becomes mind-numbingly complex. Will the foreign project be managed and operated by U.S. staff and volunteers, or will you have to hire locally? If you send U.S. citizens overseas, will your organization be able to compensate them for additional taxes and housing costs? Will U.S. people even be able to obtain visas? If you hire locally, will you need to register an office, or even form a separate nonprofit company? How will you manage cash flows and investments between countries in two or more currencies?

An everything-you-need-to-know-before-you-go global guide, How to Be a Global Nonprofit helps your nonprofit make informed decisions about what it will take to become global and how best to pursue your mission. Filled with case studies illustrating the ways U.S.-based organizations—from the largest to the smallest—have approached entering the international arena, this essential guide provides insights into the ways real organizations have dealt with various legal and practical issues. Written for nonprofit organizations that qualify for U.S. federal tax-exempt status, as 501(c)(3) organizations, and operate and/or fund non-U.S. programs, How to Be a Global Nonprofit explores:

• International grantmaking by public charities and private foundations
• Operating a foreign program
• Forming and operating through a foreign legal entity
• Staffing foreign operations
• Raising funds globally
• Many U.S. and foreign legal and practical issues that nonprofit organizations commonly face when operating across borders

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